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Why does Votebeat send dedicated emails?

When you sign up for Votebeat’s newsletters, you’ll notice some language about occasionally receiving dedicated emails from our sponsors. Here’s why we send them and how they help support our mission.

Votebeat relies on a variety of funding sources to fund our independent, well-researched, original reporting, as we believe the more diverse our revenue sources, the more solid our independence.

This kind of reporting is expensive to produce. In order to gain sponsorship from larger organizations who are in the position to support Votebeat with sizeable budgets, we must offer more of the types of products they are looking for (like dedicated emails) or else they will invest elsewhere.

It’s also important to our funders that we become less reliant on them for support. Sponsorship messages are a key component in diversifying our revenue streams so we can continue to bring you essential reporting on elections and voting access.

The partner emails you receive provide financial support that is critical during a particularly difficult time for independent media. Dedicated emails allow us to continue the work of our mission: reporting the nuanced truth about elections and voting at a time of crisis in America.

Votebeat subscribers can opt out of receiving dedicated emails anytime by sending an email to

For more information on Votebeat, see our About Us page. To become a Votebeat sponsor, see our media kit.