Election Security

Lawmaker says his plan would reduce frivolous court challenges and improve voter trust. Some Democrats worry about confidentiality.

From Arizona to Pennsylvania, Votebeat’s coverage has led to reforms that make democracy function better.

Inquiry into Steven Frid began in the fall after an anonymous complaint and led to his ouster from the Election Assistance Commission.

They’re suing for the right to cast absentee ballots electronically, but security concerns stand in the way.

Claire Woodall runs through a 26-point checklist to ensure that ballots are handled correctly, and the public has a chance to watch what happens.

Al Schmidt, Pennsylvania’s secretary of state, answered audience questions about trust in elections and misinformation.

An Arizona grand jury alleged that Supervisors Tom Crosby and Peggy Judd engaged in a conspiracy and interference after the midterm election.

What you need to know about voting machines to be ready in case false claims about them spread.

‘The world was on fire’: Election officials on expecting the unexpected

The southern Arizona county is torn on next steps after shutting down a state grant to test new ballot paper with watermarks.

‘The old same dirty tricks’: Election officials and experts come together to assess potential impact of AI

A commotion over the midterm election in the rural Arizona county attracted national attention. Now, there are efforts to connect and rebuild.

At the U.S. Election Assistance Commission, is history doomed to repeat itself?

Northampton County officials say the machines are correctly recording votes even if the paper ballot doesn’t match.

The MacArthur Foundation chose Bassin as a genius grant recipient. He hopes the attention boosts his mission.

Heider Garcia will replace Michael Scarpello, who had led the elections department in Dallas since 2020.

Chaos in Congress could leave local election officials without the resources they need for 2024. 

Detailed questions, lots of poll workers turn out for an event featuring secretaries of state from both parties.