Election Security

Northampton County officials say the machines are correctly recording votes even if the paper ballot doesn’t match.

The MacArthur Foundation chose Bassin as a genius grant recipient. He hopes the attention boosts his mission.

Heider Garcia will replace Michael Scarpello, who had led the elections department in Dallas since 2020.

Chaos in Congress could leave local election officials without the resources they need for 2024. 

Detailed questions, lots of poll workers turn out for an event featuring secretaries of state from both parties. 

At hearing, election officials and advocates describe recent threats that risk driving election workers from their jobs.

Cochise County won’t contract with Authentix, a company that partnered with Mark Finchem to try to make its ballot security products mandatory.

Department of State reaches agreement after advocates raised concerns in 2019 with a new voting machine that glitched and compromised voter privacy in its first year.

Shelby Township residents criticize Stanley Grot, who is accused of trying to cast the state’s electoral votes for Trump in 2020.

After filing indictments against Matthew DePerno and other leaders in the alleged plot to seize tabulators, special prosecutor concludes the case without bringing charges against other suspects. 

In seven states, Trump allies sent electoral votes to Congress despite his loss. Some are facing investigations and criminal charges. But the saga has a twist in the Keystone State.

Election officials welcome long-awaited updates to voluntary voting machine standards, but worry they could spark more misinformation

The defendants are accused of secretly meeting on Dec. 14, 2020  to submit forged certificates falsely confirming that Michigan had voted for Donald Trump, despite Joe Biden’s victory.

Luzerne County’s ballot paper shortage was not as widespread as original reports claimed and involved no malfeasance, the district attorney concludes.

Secretary of State Adrian Fontes told the county’s supervisors in a letter Tuesday that he’s concerned moving forward would put the county’s election officials in “serious legal jeopardy.”

Pinal County’s inaccurate counts in 2022 were caused by human error. Counting ballots by hand won’t prevent that again.

It took a statewide recount to ensure all ballots were counted correctly in Arizona’s midterm election. Experts say these four fixes would help improve accuracy in the future.