Election Misinformation

The state says voters are allowed to return only their own ballots, but there are nuances that observers could seize on to raise suspicion.

An impending Supreme Court ruling may help define the limits of the First Amendment, and the government’s power to police online falsehoods.

Defamation suit prompts distributor to disavow film about illegal voting. But its creators haven’t stopped selling the movie, or its false premise.

Bryan Blehm has not shown remorse, state bar attorneys told a Supreme Court disciplinary judge in recommending stiff punishment.

A rise in disciplinary actions prompts a debate about when their conduct crosses the line.

Gillespie County documents show election worker expenses for the primary more than doubled from 2020. And they’re likely to grow.

Right-wing challengers are ‘throwing the kitchen sink’ into their complaints about how elections are conducted.

From Arizona to Pennsylvania, Votebeat’s coverage has led to reforms that make democracy function better.

An expanded post-election hand count and an added $14,000 cost for special ballot paper won’t make voting more secure, but they may appease skeptics — for now.

Trump says Republicans need to pay more attention to the issue. Parties have been saying this throughout American history.

Secretary Schmidt answers more of your questions from live event

Party worries that the candidate’s unrelenting false claims about fraud could discourage its supporters from turning out.

Text messages show what a spokesman denied: a link between the state’s decision and false allegations from a right-wing website.

Recorder Stephen Richer takes the filing as an admission of liability on Lake’s part, writing “Kari: You lied.”

Al Schmidt, Pennsylvania’s secretary of state, answered audience questions about trust in elections and misinformation.

Jim Riley says he won’t give in to demands from Gillespie County's voter fraud activists.

‘The world was on fire’: Election officials on expecting the unexpected

‘The old same dirty tricks’: Election officials and experts come together to assess potential impact of AI

In an email citing voting machine misinformation, Jim O’Connor pressured Maricopa County supervisors to delay certification “until all the facts come to light.”