Election Misinformation

Problems around the country sparked questions about elections this year, and some officials handled them better than others.

The governor cannot certify the election results until the challenges are resolved, which experts say could take weeks or months

Arizona Attorney General Kris Mayes announced a state grand jury has indicted Republican Cochise County Supervisors Tom Crosby and Peggy Judd with two felony charges of conspiracy and election interference.

Even as Powell, Ellis, and others acknowledge their allegations were baseless, some continue to believe them.

How a Kerr County commissioner’s unfounded distrust of voting machines took “a wrecking ball to one of the finest election departments.”

Votebeat investigation finds election offices overwhelmed by records requests seeking to prove nonexistent fraud 

Presidential hopefuls say Pence did the right thing. Would they? 

Cochise County is set to launch a $1 million pilot to test secure features on ballots and hire a firm that has pushed the idea with former state Rep. Mark Finchem.

Texas is the latest state, and one of the largest, to resign from the program.

‘Truth tellers’ and tent cards: At secretaries of state gathering, tips for sharing reliable information about elections

The Election Commission unanimously appointed Clinton Ludwig to replace Heider Garcia. None of the three finalists had any election administration experience.

Karen Wiseman previously sued former election administrator Heider Garcia and participated in a right-wing group’s search for 2020 voter fraud.

Most election skeptics lost. But in three counties, these candidates will likely hold a majority on their board of election.

Lake and Abe Hamadeh get to argue their election challenges again this week. Here’s why the cases have dragged on so long — and what harm voting advocates say they continue to cause.

Candidate was chosen by the Cochise County recorder who pushed for illegal hand counting of ballots and doubts the security of election equipment.

Republican supervisors of the southern Arizona county said they were not concerned that Bob Bartelsmeyer shared posts falsely claiming the 2020 presidential vote was rigged.