As systems come back online, officials must figure out how to protect against a catastrophic breakdown in November.

For now, residents who don’t provide documentation will have to use a federal form, or risk having their registration rejected. County recorders could face charges.

Newly released text messages show a private pressure campaign to get the issue on the agenda.

Detectives in Maricopa County arrested the temporary employee after finding the security fob in his house. Now all machines need to be reprogrammed and tested.

The paint just dried on the county’s new elections building. Will new people in a new place pull off a successful election?

Bryan Blehm has not shown remorse, state bar attorneys told a Supreme Court disciplinary judge in recommending stiff punishment.

Election officials are running tests and soliciting advice on handling the extra paper.

A rise in disciplinary actions prompts a debate about when their conduct crosses the line.

Lawmaker says his plan would reduce frivolous court challenges and improve voter trust. Some Democrats worry about confidentiality.

Where is the first tally supposed to happen? Lawmakers scramble to clarify their intent.

Recorder Stephen Richer takes the filing as an admission of liability on Lake’s part, writing “Kari: You lied.”

The checks by election officials are likely to disproportionately affect naturalized citizens, younger voters, and college students.

City and town clerks are begging state lawmakers to fix a new law enacted last month that will require their offices to be open at a time when they don’t provide any election services.

An Arizona grand jury alleged that Supervisors Tom Crosby and Peggy Judd engaged in a conspiracy and interference after the midterm election.

Early voting is about to begin for the state’s March 19 presidential preference election, but only Democrats and Republicans can participate.

The southern Arizona county is torn on next steps after shutting down a state grant to test new ballot paper with watermarks.

How Arizona’s divided legislature united behind a solution that sets the primary for July 30 this year and changes how mail-in ballots are verified.

In wide-ranging lawsuit over the new Elections Procedures Manual, Republican lawmakers allege the secretary of state can’t make rules for counties on certifying their elections.

In an email citing voting machine misinformation, Jim O’Connor pressured Maricopa County supervisors to delay certification “until all the facts come to light.”

A commotion over the midterm election in the rural Arizona county attracted national attention. Now, there are efforts to connect and rebuild.

The state’s voting rules and new laws have created an unforgiving timeline for the 2024 presidential election. But there’s many ways to compress the schedule to make it work.

Arizona’s governor and secretary of state say it’s fine not to consistently monitor ballot drop boxes. But Republicans say the law doesn’t bear that out, and the Elections Procedures Manual finalized in December doesn’t clarify.

The state requires proof of citizenship to register to vote. Young college students are disproportionately affected, and potentially disenfranchised, by these laws, a Votebeat analysis found.