Hand-counting ballots

Election officials warn against the inaccurate and costly practice of tallying votes manually instead of using machines.

Claire Woodall runs through a 26-point checklist to ensure that ballots are handled correctly, and the public has a chance to watch what happens.

Text messages show what a spokesman denied: a link between the state’s decision and false allegations from a right-wing website.

Who would be allowed to transport ballots, fix machines, or help set up polling places? Clerks struggle for answers.

The decision means potentially tens of thousands of ballots could be rejected this year. Plaintiffs must decide whether an appeal makes sense.

Recount petitions may force courts to step in if the state can’t deliver on time.

Recorder Stephen Richer takes the filing as an admission of liability on Lake’s part, writing “Kari: You lied.”

Al Schmidt, Pennsylvania’s secretary of state, answered audience questions about trust in elections and misinformation.

Voters valued the convenience — and the opportunity to put their own ballot in the tabulator.

Pot of federal grant money is shrinking, and it’s tied up in spending negotiations

The study seeks to account for the full effect of policy changes since the landmark Shelby County decision that gutted a key provision of the Voting Rights Act in 2013.

A change in leadership and staff duties has resulted in tension between commissioners that could ‘undermine faith’ in the system.

The checks by election officials are likely to disproportionately affect naturalized citizens, younger voters, and college students.

For a long time, I didn’t want to think or talk about elections or politics. That changed four years ago.

A new effort will try to find the best way to solve the perennial problem of paying for elections

City and town clerks are begging state lawmakers to fix a new law enacted last month that will require their offices to be open at a time when they don’t provide any election services.

Pennsylvania uses a lottery to decide who gets top billing

An Arizona grand jury alleged that Supervisors Tom Crosby and Peggy Judd engaged in a conspiracy and interference after the midterm election.

What you need to know about voting machines to be ready in case false claims about them spread.

Even those who don’t agree with offering early voting were eager to use it.