What is ERIC?

More and more states are discussing leaving a national program that helps clean voter rolls and protect against fraud.

The Electronic Registration Information Center is trusted by most states as the most effective way to perform cross-state voter registration checks.
How politics and misinformation overshadow their stated reasons for leaving the voter roll coalition that helps prevent voter fraud.
Bill rooted in conspiracy theories about the multi-state program for cleaning voter rolls approved by the House and Senate.
When members withdraw from the program, here’s how it hurts themselves — and their neighbors.
How the Electronic Registration Information Center helps achieve both secure elections and fair voting access.
The left worries about voter purges. The right worries about secure elections. Clean voter rolls help them both.
ERIC is a national system that Texas officials say is an important tool to keep voting rolls clean. But a band of right-wing voter fraud activists, joined by state GOP officials, wants to gut it.
Election integrity activists’ unfounded claims undermining a program that helps state officials clean voter rolls.
States’ withdrawals from ERIC show how allegations of a tilted election playing field can still roil some voters.
The untold story of how the quest for election fraud evidence led to a virtual manhunt in Maricopa County.
At hearing, election officials and advocates describe recent threats that risk driving election workers from their jobs.
Redrawing political maps should ensure fair representation. It doesn’t always.
The Republican-passed Senate Bill 1 added restrictions to voting that plaintiffs say disproportionately affect voters of color.
The 2024 primary is currently set for April 23, late in the presidential primary season and in conflict with Passover.
Officials previously could locate a single voting site to serve multiple small precincts. Now some counties will need to double their number of sites.
Maricopa County Supervisors Chairman Clint Hickman describes death threat’s effect on him and family, while perpetrator says he was misled by election lies.
Legislation applauded by voting rights activists would mandate Department of Corrections to provide people who have served their sentences with ID and voter registration materials.
The decision overturns a lower court’s order and means the November elections will be overseen by two other county officials.
Cochise County won’t contract with Authentix, a company that partnered with Mark Finchem to try to make its ballot security products mandatory.
Why Fani Willi’s prosecution of Trump and his allies, if successful, stands to accomplish what Special Counsel Jack Smith’s case cannot.
Department of State reaches agreement after advocates raised concerns in 2019 with a new voting machine that glitched and compromised voter privacy in its first year.
Small counties lack the money and people to work the several days of 12-hour shifts now required statewide, election officials say.
Shelby Township residents criticize Stanley Grot, who is accused of trying to cast the state’s electoral votes for Trump in 2020.
Republicans and voting rights advocates are unhappy with secretary of state’s proposed instructions on hand-counting ballots and voter intimidation.
Texas attorney general appealed the injunction, preventing the order from taking effect. Judge had found the law unconstitutional and said it would disrupt this November’s elections.
Cochise County is set to launch a $1 million pilot to test secure features on ballots and hire a firm that has pushed the idea with former state Rep. Mark Finchem.

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New indictment shows election officials’ honesty and integrity upheld democracy, and is key to the case against the former president.
After filing indictments against Matthew DePerno and other leaders in the alleged plot to seize tabulators, special prosecutor concludes the case without bringing charges against other suspects.
In seven states, Trump allies sent electoral votes to Congress despite his loss. Some are facing investigations and criminal charges. But the saga has a twist in the Keystone State.
Election officials welcome long-awaited updates to voluntary voting machine standards, but worry they could spark more misinformation
Act 88 poured $45 million into shoring up counties’ election needs, with a few strings attached. Now counties are designing budgets based on another round.
New report shows the Arizona county claims ignorance of ballot printers’ limits prior to midterm election problems, but OKI says its manual explained it all.
The defendants are accused of secretly meeting on Dec. 14, 2020 to submit forged certificates falsely confirming that Michigan had voted for Donald Trump, despite Joe Biden’s victory.
Texas is the latest state, and one of the largest, to resign from the program.
Experts say this major change could disrupt the work and planning currently underway to prepare for elections in November and 2024.
The debate over legality is pulling attention from the well-known problems that crop up when trying to hand-count ballots, an especially challenging task in a presidential election.
‘Truth tellers’ and tent cards: At secretaries of state gathering, tips for sharing reliable information about elections
Bipartisan bills passed this session will give voters more time and opportunities to fix mistakes when they request and return ballots by mail.
The former Philadelphia city commissioner’s Senate hearings featured contentious questions on voter roll accuracy from committee Republicans led by Chairman Cris Dush.
Unlike other high-profile resignations of election officials across the country, Pinal County Elections Director Geraldine Roll resigned under deep scrutiny.
In the city’s May primary, voters whose mail ballots were flagged for a missing or improper date mostly come from heavily nonwhite neighborhoods, according to analysis by Votebeat and Spotlight PA.
Fontes’ draft of the Elections Procedures Manual, which strips much of what Gov. Katie Hobbs had in the latest 2019 version, will need to be approved by Hobbs and the attorney general by the end of the year.
In the middle of two redistricting cases far from SCOTUS, the Milligan decision landed with welcome relief
The bipartisan legislation was long-sought by voters with disabilities, including some of the governor’s own allies.
Guessing which bills would make it through the Legislature wasn’t easy. Here’s how we did it.
The Election Commission unanimously appointed Clinton Ludwig to replace Heider Garcia. None of the three finalists had any election administration experience.
Luzerne County’s ballot paper shortage was not as widespread as original reports claimed and involved no malfeasance, the district attorney concludes.
A new $29 million elections center will multiply the amount of room for processing and tabulating ballots and increasing security.
Karen Wiseman previously sued former election administrator Heider Garcia and participated in a right-wing group’s search for 2020 voter fraud.
Number of days could range from nine to 29, with polling places scattered throughout a city or a single location shared across a county.
The decision for Black voters in Alabama could prompt the redrawing of political maps.
Two bills with bipartisan support will deliver improvements that voters with disabilities have been seeking for years.
The ACLU is suing Delaware County, arguing that the Board of Elections misread the law and disenfranchised eligible voters in the May primary.
Secretary of State Adrian Fontes told the county’s supervisors in a letter Tuesday that he’s concerned moving forward would put the county’s election officials in “serious legal jeopardy.”