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Why did this EAC commissioner talk to the senator behind Arizona’s audit?

Texas’s audit doesn’t resemble a “full forensic audit”

Memo proves that Trump campaign knew Dominion allegations were lies

Pa. redistricting panel rolls back new policy to count incarcerated people in home districts, not state prisons

The Fraud Squad takes Pennsylvania

Why the need for election funding is so dire now

Secretaries of State Implore Pelosi for Federal Election Funding

Elections are still under attack—and no help is on the way

When news media contribute to the misinformation hellscape

The events of a bizarre week converge under one shadow

Pa.’s political mapmakers finally have new census data. Now the hard work begins.

Why is Biden outraged about voting restrictions but not the filibuster?

A stumble to the finish line for Arizona’s partisan audit

The Texas election bill contains a new obstacle to voting that almost no one is talking about

This is why you check with election administrators before you draft a bill

How long can Texas Democrats stay together and stay away?

Elections Are In Crisis

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Behind the scenes of the latest walkout by Texas Democrats over the GOP’s voting bill

Texas embarks on a redo of its voting bill

The fundamental disagreement over voting rights at SCOTUS—and everywhere

Redistricting reform in Pa. is dead for now, advocates say. So what’s next?

Pennsylvania governor vetoes GOP-led election overhaul citing voter ID restrictions

State, local officials push Congress to include $20 billion for elections in infrastructure funding

The next phase of the voting fight starts in Georgia

As Pa. House advances doomed election overhaul, Senate GOP charts different course to voter ID, other changes

Texas Democrats have a message for congressional Democrats

GOP’s major election overhaul advances in Pa. House as Democrats call it a ‘farce’

Will election administrators’ dreams finally come true?

Pa. GOP proposes major election overhaul, including stricter voter ID and in-person early voting

We’re seeing who will and won’t confront the Big Lie

Why Texas Democrats had to walk out—and what they could do next

A look into the kitchen where restrictive voting laws are cooked up

Mark Zuckerberg helped some Pa. counties survive the 2020 election. Right-wing lawmakers say that was unfair.

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