News about election administration, voting rights, and redistricting in Wisconsin.

Close elections may become more common in Wisconsin, fueling participation but also more political divisiveness
Some towns and villages require residents to choose local candidates in January gatherings. Do these caucuses violate disability and voting rights?
Facing intense scrutiny, Claire Woodall-Vogg fought against ‘racially motivated’ attempts to suppress voting in the 2020 election
Municipal clerks have urged the Legislature to allow processing of absentee ballots before Election Day. Those cries are growing louder.
Experts say pro-Trump lawmakers could try to overturn voters’ will and send an alternate set of electors, but the Democratic governor could block the effort
President Donald Trump claims widespread fraud in states including Wisconsin. Elections officials say numerous safeguards make that nearly impossible.
Despite smaller turnout, activists see hopeful signs of determination as voters cast ballots amid a pandemic and barriers to get-out-the-vote efforts
Election officials say they expect a smooth day of voting Tuesday, but they remain on the lookout for disruptions and intimidation
Among the changes making voting safer during the COVID-19 pandemic: absentee ballot drop boxes installed by local clerks around the state
As of Oct. 21, nearly 1,400 Wisconsin voters already had their absentee ballots flagged ahead of the Nov. 3 election. It’s not too late to fix it — if they hurry.
Elections Are In Crisis
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