Reporting for Wisconsin voters means remembering that the stability of our democracy isn’t guaranteed.

From Arizona to Pennsylvania, Votebeat’s coverage has led to reforms that make democracy function better.

We’ll cover the disputes over voting rules and how they affect voters and the local officials who run elections in this pivotal state.

My first two registration applications seemingly disappeared. Here’s what I had to do to get on the roll in time for the 2024 primary.

Journalism taught me that local government has a profound impact on voters’ lives. That’s why I’m pursuing the crucial but misunderstood facts about Pennsylvania elections.

Votebeat’s reporters are watching extremists’ shifting tactics, distrust among red counties, funding for election costs, and voter access changes.

The Reader Advisory Board is the most direct way to give feedback and ideas to Votebeat staff. Here’s how it works.

As an immigrant, I find our election system intimidating and confusing. That’s what makes my reporting so valuable to the communities that need it.

I’ll report this story with the same balance and insight that I’ve brought to my long career in journalism.

If any beat deserves intensive, clear focus, it’s this one.

Reliable journalism is key to a thriving democracy. And engagement is key to a strong newsroom.

People gave me reasons for not participating in the electoral process that had no basis in fact.

Just like lobbying and campaign finance, elections are governed by a patchwork of rules that don’t make intuitive sense, and that differ from state to state. 

Covering the “audit” of the 2020 election was the most important work of my career. I want to keep informing voters.

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