Voter Registration & Rolls

Forms related to address changes and ID can trip up voters — and workers — at the polling place.

Voting for the first time can be a big deal regardless of your age, and we want to hear about your experience.

Votec, one of only three companies approved to manage voter registration data, is facing a financial squeeze and asking counties for a 35% surcharge.

For a long time, I didn’t want to think or talk about elections or politics. That changed four years ago.

A bill would have enabled the state to automatically update a voter’s registration after they changed their driver’s license address. To some, that sounded like automatic voter registration.

My first two registration applications seemingly disappeared. Here’s what I had to do to get on the roll in time for the 2024 primary.

Here are all the options, deadlines, and rules you need to know to cast a ballot.

The state requires proof of citizenship to register to vote. Young college students are disproportionately affected, and potentially disenfranchised, by these laws, a Votebeat analysis found.

The Department of State ended its years-long contract with a tech vendor after work fell behind schedule.

Officials encounter new obstacles and costs in trying to replace just some of the data they used to get from the Electronic Registration Information Center, unreleased records show.

Elected officials keep trying to remove eligible voters based on flawed data.

Voter data discrepancies flagged in a preliminary 2022 audit are not uncommon in counties like Harris, experts say. But the errors could further confuse voters and raise suspicion if election officials don’t explain them

State’s new system aims to bring convenience to registering and accuracy to voter rolls, Gov. Shapiro announces.

Legislation applauded by voting rights activists would mandate Department of Corrections to provide people who have served their sentences with ID and voter registration materials.

Texas is the latest state, and one of the largest, to resign from the program.

The former Philadelphia city commissioner’s Senate hearings featured contentious questions on voter roll accuracy from committee Republicans led by Chairman Cris Dush.

Bill rooted in conspiracy theories about the multi-state program for cleaning voter rolls approved by the House and Senate.

Want to vote early? Get a mail ballot? Use a drop box? Here’s how.

The bill motivated by conspiracy theories about the voter-roll-checking program nearly died this week in the legislature. Now it’s back, and awaits an uncertain vote.

¿Quieres votar temprano? ¿Llenar una papeleta para enviar por correo? ¿Depositar tu voto en un buzón de entrega? Aquí te decimos cómo.