Votec, one of only three companies approved to manage voter registration data, is facing a financial squeeze and asking counties for a 35% surcharge.

The mistakes didn’t affect the outcome, but they highlighted vulnerabilities of a process that proponents are hailing as a model.

Experts say speed of Gillespie hand count raises questions about its accuracy

For a long time, I didn’t want to think or talk about elections or politics. That changed four years ago.

My first two registration applications seemingly disappeared. Here’s what I had to do to get on the roll in time for the 2024 primary.

A new law aimed to increase voting access in rural counties. In South Texas it’s having the opposite effect.

The law, passed unanimously by Republicans, requires counties that offer countywide voting to increase the number of locations — a nearly impossible challenge in some areas.

The Texas governor certified the November election results amid multiple lawsuits asking a court to prevent the voter-approved constitutional amendments from taking effect.

A harsh court ruling criticizes Harris County for its ballot paper shortages in 2022. The county’s new election chief pledges to get it right.

Williamson County’s top official said a voter fraud activist was responsible for “almost costing someone their life.” Under pressure from her lawyer, he retracted the statement.

Voter data discrepancies flagged in a preliminary 2022 audit are not uncommon in counties like Harris, experts say. But the errors could further confuse voters and raise suspicion if election officials don’t explain them

Heider Garcia will replace Michael Scarpello, who had led the elections department in Dallas since 2020.

How a Kerr County commissioner’s unfounded distrust of voting machines took “a wrecking ball to one of the finest election departments.”

The Republican-passed Senate Bill 1 added restrictions to voting that plaintiffs say disproportionately affect voters of color.

Officials previously could locate a single voting site to serve multiple small precincts. Now some counties will need to double their number of sites.

The decision overturns a lower court’s order and means the November elections will be overseen by two other county officials.

Small counties lack the money and people to work the several days of 12-hour shifts now required statewide, election officials say. 

Texas attorney general appealed the injunction, preventing the order from taking effect. Judge had found the law unconstitutional and said it would disrupt this November’s elections. 

Texas is the latest state, and one of the largest, to resign from the program.

Experts say this major change could disrupt the work and planning currently underway  to prepare for elections in November and 2024.

Bipartisan bills passed this session will give voters more time and opportunities to fix mistakes when they request and return ballots by mail.

The bipartisan legislation was long-sought by voters with disabilities, including some of the governor’s own allies.

The Election Commission unanimously appointed Clinton Ludwig to replace Heider Garcia. None of the three finalists had any election administration experience.