The laws have created a minefield for administrators — and the groups that have traditionally helped them.

The price tag could reach $300 million, says a top state election official. The legislature has allocated $0 — and set a two-year deadline.

Who would be allowed to transport ballots, fix machines, or help set up polling places? Clerks struggle for answers.

Pot of federal grant money is shrinking, and it’s tied up in spending negotiations

A new effort will try to find the best way to solve the perennial problem of paying for elections

At the U.S. Election Assistance Commission, is history doomed to repeat itself?

The biggest issues in elections from 2023 will have consequences for voting this year. Here’s what we’ll be covering.

Voting rights in less competitive states aren’t in the spotlight, and those voters deserve answers

Cochise County is set to launch a $1 million pilot to test secure features on ballots and hire a firm that has pushed the idea with former state Rep. Mark Finchem.

Act 88 poured $45 million into shoring up counties’ election needs, with a few strings attached. Now counties are designing budgets based on another round.

Unlike other high-profile resignations of election officials across the country, Pinal County Elections Director Geraldine Roll resigned under deep scrutiny.

As the county plans an expensive purchase, experts say stronger regulations over ballot printers would help prevent the problems voters saw in November.

Lawmakers say they want secure elections. They aren’t willing to set aside the money needed to ensure them.

Homeland Security  allocates money for election security, but not enough to meet the need. 

And so far, the prospects for getting it — at least from the federal government — don’t look good. Here’s what officials said at last week’s gathering of election chiefs.

Luzerne County was singled out by the Department of State as the only county with significant voting problems in the 2022 midterm elections.

Lawmakers’ failure to understand how things work leads to laws creating new obstacles for elections. 

Lawmakers overhauled the Electoral Count Act, but aren’t providing enough money to shore up crumbling election infrastructure.

Aggrieved anti-fluoride activists, low pay, and understaffing eventually drove away Gillespie County’s election officials.

How the county’s “lean” investment in a neglected office led to an overstretched staff, ballot debacles, and disenfranchised voters.