Communities that combined forces spent less per voter, clerks say. But they didn’t necessarily draw more voters.

Voters valued the convenience — and the opportunity to put their own ballot in the tabulator.

Even those who don’t agree with offering early voting were eager to use it.

The presidential primary marks the first time every voter can take advantage of the new voting option. Here’s how it’s working so far.

Here are all the options, deadlines, and rules you need to know to cast a ballot.

The law signed this week is the first in the nation and expands the Department of Corrections’ current effort to restore voting rights to returning citizens.

4,600 voters across nearly 40 cities and townships tried out Prop 2′s new option for casting ballots, with a positive response and only one tech hiccup reported.

Several cities and townships pilot the new Prop 2 voting option before adopting it statewide next year.

Jocelyn Benson says she will appeal to the state Supreme Court, leaving new rules in place for now.

At hearing, election officials and advocates describe recent threats that risk driving election workers from their jobs.

Legislation applauded by voting rights activists would mandate Department of Corrections to provide people who have served their sentences with ID and voter registration materials.

Shelby Township residents criticize Stanley Grot, who is accused of trying to cast the state’s electoral votes for Trump in 2020.

After filing indictments against Matthew DePerno and other leaders in the alleged plot to seize tabulators, special prosecutor concludes the case without bringing charges against other suspects. 

The defendants are accused of secretly meeting on Dec. 14, 2020  to submit forged certificates falsely confirming that Michigan had voted for Donald Trump, despite Joe Biden’s victory.

Number of days could range from nine to 29, with polling places scattered throughout a city or a single location shared across a county. 

Teens who “preregister” to vote become automatically eligible on their 18th birthday. Democrats’ proposal would lower the age when youth could sign up.

As deputy secretary of state, the longtime community activist and lawyer is focused on the legislative push for a Michigan Voting Rights Act and implementing Prop 2 voting reforms.

Here’s how officials clean the rolls of dead people and residents who have moved — without removing eligible voters by mistake.

Gun rights advocates call Democrats’ bill “an affront to the Second Amendment.”

Local clerks cheer the amount of the Prop 2 funding request but now want to know how it will meet different jurisdictions’ needs.

Conservative activists behind the recounts of Props 2 and 3 tried to get votes rejected because of ink bleed-through and other minor issues.

Costly recount in 47 counties won’t change outcomes on successful ballot proposals but gives activists an opening to criticize election.

In 2020, some Republicans on canvassing boards resisted certifying the results. Prop 2 eliminates that threat for good.