Since the advent of no-excuse mail voting in 2020, thousands of Pennsylvania ballots have been rejected over missing dates, signatures, or other errors.

The Pennsylvania state House advances a pre-canvassing bill this week, but its fate uncertain in the Senate

Snyder County's Devin Rhoads is one of many new election directors who will administer the Presidential Election

An effort to reduce errors — and prevent ballots from being disqualified — backfires as many voters fail to write in the last two digits of the year.

Mail voting has been under attack since 2020. This is how the state secures the system from fraud, and the grey areas remaining in the law.

Groups including the NAACP want the full 3rd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals to rule on the issue. A decision is not expected before the April 23 primary.

Secretary Schmidt answers more of your questions from live event

The decision means potentially tens of thousands of ballots could be rejected this year. Plaintiffs must decide whether an appeal makes sense.

Recount petitions may force courts to step in if the state can’t deliver on time.

Al Schmidt, Pennsylvania’s secretary of state, answered audience questions about trust in elections and misinformation.

A change in leadership and staff duties has resulted in tension between commissioners that could ‘undermine faith’ in the system.

Pennsylvania uses a lottery to decide who gets top billing

What you need to know about voting machines to be ready in case false claims about them spread.

Turnover has cost the state nearly 300 years of combined experience since 2019, in what the state’s top election official calls “one of the biggest dangers” to our elections.

The 2023 general election saw more ballot errors than any other election since 2019, and election experts say it's directly linked to turnover.

The Department of State ended its years-long contract with a tech vendor after work fell behind schedule.

A federal judge ruled last week that undated and misdated mail ballots must be counted, but it came right in the middle of when counties were finalizing their 2023 election results.

The ruling, which found dates on an outer envelope to be “immaterial” to a ballot’s eligibility, has the potential to prevent the disenfranchisement of thousands of voters next year.

Jay Schneider knew Election Day would be a hard job. Despite the stress and a few setbacks, he pulled off a smooth experience for voters in Chester County.

Northampton County officials say the machines are correctly recording votes even if the paper ballot doesn’t match.

When Chester County needed Jay Schneider to step up, he did, and learned about elections along the way.