Oralandar Brand-Williams

Senior Reporter, Votebeat Michigan

Oralandar Brand-Williams is an award-winning veteran journalist in both broadcast and print media. A University of Michigan graduate, Oralandar has covered criminal justice issues, race relations, religion, and local government for The Detroit News. She recently joined the staff of Votebeat covering politics, elections and voting-rights issues. Oralandar is a former vice-president of Print for the Detroit chapter of the National Association of Black Journalists and a mentor to emerging journalists for Report for America. She is a former producer/ editor for WDIV-TV, the NBC affiliate in Detroit. She also has worked as a news producer at WWJ Newsradio, a CBS affiliate.

Teens who “preregister” to vote become automatically eligible on their 18th birthday. Democrats’ proposal would lower the age when youth could sign up.
As deputy secretary of state, the longtime community activist and lawyer is focused on the legislative push for a Michigan Voting Rights Act and implementing Prop 2 voting reforms.
Here’s how officials clean the rolls of dead people and residents who have moved — without removing eligible voters by mistake.
Local clerks cheer the amount of the Prop 2 funding request but now want to know how it will meet different jurisdictions’ needs.
Conservative activists behind the recounts of Props 2 and 3 tried to get votes rejected because of ink bleed-through and other minor issues.
Costly recount in 47 counties won’t change outcomes on successful ballot proposals but gives activists an opening to criticize election.
In 2020, some Republicans on canvassing boards resisted certifying the results. Prop 2 eliminates that threat for good.
Turnout surged at University of Michigan–Ann Arbor and Michigan State, with hundreds waiting until Election Day to register and causing five-hour lines.
Election officials and experts welcome an option that increases turnout — but many details remain to be decided.
The “chain of custody” process and other rules to safeguard election equipment are only as strong as the clerks who follow them.
When this election turned out to have no drama, an activist decided to generate his own.
Logic and accuracy testing demonstrates the integrity of ballot tabulators, officials say, and more people should come to watch.
Republicans and Democrats appear on the same ballot, but voting across party lines will spoil your vote.
I’ll report this story with the same balance and insight that I’ve brought to my long career in journalism.