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Latest news
Local Labs seeks voter data through extensive requests — and blurs the line between political research and journalism.
Votebeat investigation finds election offices overwhelmed by records requests seeking to prove nonexistent fraud
Ruling in case brought by disenfranchised primary voters resolves apparent contradiction in law over provisional ballots.
State’s new system aims to bring convenience to registering and accuracy to voter rolls, Gov. Shapiro announces.
As younger voters turn out, it’s time to think about how to make elections work for them.
The untold story of how the quest for election fraud evidence led to a virtual manhunt in Maricopa County.
At hearing, election officials and advocates describe recent threats that risk driving election workers from their jobs.
Redrawing political maps should ensure fair representation. It doesn’t always.
The Republican-passed Senate Bill 1 added restrictions to voting that plaintiffs say disproportionately affect voters of color.