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Latest news

Jim Riley says he won’t give in to demands from Gillespie County's voter fraud activists.

Turnover has cost the state nearly 300 years of combined experience since 2019, in what the state’s top election official calls “one of the biggest dangers” to our elections.

‘The world was on fire’: Election officials on expecting the unexpected

Early voting is about to begin for the state’s March 19 presidential preference election, but only Democrats and Republicans can participate.

We’ll cover the disputes over voting rules and how they affect voters and the local officials who run elections in this pivotal state.

The southern Arizona county is torn on next steps after shutting down a state grant to test secure ballots.

Heather Honey’s work has been cited by former president Donald Trump and conservative lawyer Cleta Mitchell. A Votebeat investigation shows her most influential report — critical of ERIC — is based on distortions and incomplete data.

My first two registration applications seemingly disappeared. Here’s what I had to do to get on the roll in time for the 2024 primary.

Here are all the options, deadlines, and rules you need to know to cast a ballot.