Alexander Shur

Alexander Shur

Reporter, Votebeat Wisconsin

Alexander Shur previously covered politics, policy, and the fallout of the 2020 presidential election for the Wisconsin State Journal. Prior to that he covered the criminal justice system for the Jackson Hole News & Guide, where he investigated the impact of voting laws on people with felonies and how the criminal justice system treats people with mental illnesses. He is originally from Michigan, and has degrees from Northern Michigan University and Northwestern University.

The state says voters are allowed to return only their own ballots, but there are nuances that observers could seize on to raise suspicion.

Reporting for Wisconsin voters means remembering that the stability of our democracy isn’t guaranteed.

But some clerks and legal experts aren’t convinced that the attorney general’s guidance will withstand challenges.

The judge’s decision in an ongoing lawsuit puts the Wisconsin Elections Commission on a tight timeline to implement the technology.

The confirmation vote came one month after a staff member sent the mayor a letter saying Paulina Gutiérrez is unfamiliar with the processes needed to run elections smoothly.

Some people with a criminal history aren’t clear on whether — and when — they regain their rights.

The plaintiff is requesting a judge to require voters to return a signed copy of their absentee request with their ballot for it to count.

They say their concerns about the new leader’s capacity to run the 2024 vote haven’t been sufficiently addressed.

The 2022 ban has changed the way some voters return mail ballots and how clerks collect them. The Wisconsin Supreme Court is about to consider overturning it.

They’re suing for the right to cast absentee ballots electronically, but security concerns stand in the way.