Jessica Huseman

Jessica Huseman

Editorial Director

Jessica Huseman was previously the lead elections reporter for ProPublica, and helped manage the Electionland project for three federal election cycles, sharing information and tips with hundreds of newsrooms across the United States. She is an award-winning educator, and has taught at Columbia Journalism School, New York University, and wrote a high school investigative journalism curriculum in use by more than 200 high schools. Jessica is a graduate of Columbia Graduate School of Journalism, where she graduated with honors.

The price tag could reach $300 million, says a top state election official. The legislature has allocated $0 — and set a two-year deadline.

Trump says Republicans need to pay more attention to the issue. Parties have been saying this throughout American history.

Party worries that the candidate’s unrelenting false claims about fraud could discourage its supporters from turning out.

Text messages show what a spokesman denied: a link between the state’s decision and false allegations from a right-wing website.

Experts say speed of Gillespie hand count raises questions about its accuracy

Election officials, Republican party workers pull all-nighter to report results in Texas county’s hand-counted primary.

A new effort will try to find the best way to solve the perennial problem of paying for elections

A bill would have enabled the state to automatically update a voter’s registration after they changed their driver’s license address. To some, that sounded like automatic voter registration.

‘The old same dirty tricks’: Election officials and experts come together to assess potential impact of AI

Conspiracy theories enter reruns: Boone and Coconino counties among those facing criticism over membership in election alliance.