About Votebeat

Truthful local reporting about elections and voting

Votebeat is a nonprofit news organization committed to reporting the nuanced truth about elections and voting at a time of crisis in America.

We are mission-driven, in that we believe that Americans deserve equal access to the ballot box along with fair and secure elections. Yet we are also fiercely independent, in that we do not take a position on the best policies to ensure healthy elections and protect the right to vote.

Because we believe that elections are fundamentally a local issue, our coverage is rooted in local communities. 

As a nonprofit, Votebeat’s support comes from a diverse mix of sources, including sponsors who pay for opportunities to share messages with our readers and donors who believe in our mission. As most local news sources shrink, creating more so-called “news deserts,” Votebeat is building a sustainable model that is local, substantive, and independent. View our current supporters and learn more about becoming a sponsor.

At Votebeat we value:

1. One essential story: We believe that democracy is stronger when voters are engaged in elections and trust the results. Our mission is to increase Americans’ participation in democracy by championing access to the vote. It’s our job to show how elections work, what safeguards protect the integrity of the vote, and where the process needs to be improved. That can happen only if we hold local officials accountable for conducting healthy elections and question lawmakers who attempt to politicize access to the ballot box or undermine public faith in elections for partisan gain.

2. Power in independence: Our unique impact as journalists lies in our ability to tell the full and complete story, without consideration of profit, ideology, or advocacy. We can tell the truest story, and make the greatest possible difference, if we take no predetermined position on how to achieve better elections. We work hard to build a business model that safeguards our independence.

3. Going local: We don’t do flyovers and never parachute in. We put down roots in the communities we cover and work with our readers as well as for them.

4. Impact: Writing stories is not enough. We are on a mission to get the full truth to the maximum people at the moments of greatest consequence. We do everything we can to bring stories, people, and stakes alive for readers so they can engage in informed action and debate.

5. Antiracism: We acknowledge and condemn the ongoing legacy of racism in U.S. elections and in the institution we are part of, the press. We commit to standing against racism as we build our organization and conduct our work.

6. Openness and diversity: We write about people who have historically faced barriers to the vote. In doing so, we hope to amplify their voices and help empower them. We won’t succeed unless our team and our reporting represent and are truly open to the communities we cover.

7. Investing in ourselves: We strive to connect every member of our team with the opportunities and challenges they need to learn and grow. We can only tackle our audacious goal if we invest in our team’s ability to achieve it.

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