Redrawing political maps should ensure fair representation. It doesn’t always.
In the middle of two redistricting cases far from SCOTUS, the Milligan decision landed with welcome relief
Backed by two new Republican justices, the court’s decision to reopen recent decisions sets a new precedent — and has national ramifications.
Racist audio, Supreme Court debate show redistricting as a zero-sum exercise
The split primary is one example of the obstacles resulting from lawsuits and new voting rules.
Among the proposals is one that would give the legislature more control over the final products.
Lawmakers and courts differed on how — and whether — to define and uphold “partisan fairness” when reviewing electoral maps.
The order clears the way for the use of new state House and Senate maps in the May primary.
The majority highlighted traditional redistricting criteria and partisan fairness.
The map closely resembles the current one, with Democrats and Republicans each expected to win roughly half of the state’s 17 districts.
Elections Are In Crisis
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