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What do you want to know about voting where you live?

We’re always listening to our readers. Share your thoughts about voting to help shape our coverage.

Image has text that reads: Votebeat wants to hear from you! Take our reader survey and help shape our reporting. Text is on a light purple background. To the left of the text is an illustration of a ballot and pencil. To the right of the text is an illustration of two speech bubbles.

As Votebeat builds its newsroom in key states — Arizona, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Texas — we want to hear from you.

I mean it. It’s literally my job. Hi, I’m Lauren Aguirre, Votebeat’s engagement editor. I focus on connecting our readers’ questions and thoughts with our reporters to help shape their work.

We want to serve voters and the people who work to make elections fair and secure. A big part of that is making sure that you have the information you need about how voting works where you live.

Are you concerned about election security? Are you confused about mail-in voting rules in your state? Redistricting? Something else? Please ask away.

Take a few minutes to fill out our new reader survey here.

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