Rachel Leingang

Freelance Reporter

In some Republican-heavy counties like Yavapai and Yuma, voting via drop box this year actually increased from past primaries.

The obscure document produced by some ballot tabulators won’t prove the fraud activists think it will, experts say.

How the county’s “lean” investment in a neglected office led to an overstretched staff, ballot debacles, and disenfranchised voters.

The Maricopa County recorder channels his energy — and lots of Diet Coke — into defending his elections and answering his critics.

“Many were very surprised to learn they were allegedly deceased,” Brnovich writes in his conclusion to probe of Cyber Ninjas’ claims.

Amid election official turnover and staff shortages in Arizona, experts worry elections “could get a little chaotic.”

Skeptics get chance to scrutinize voting system up close, but few show up.

Gov. Ducey signs bill — similar to one he previously vetoed — that changes basis for canceling voter registrations.

New pens, new envelopes, more vote centers, earlier counting, and more.

Sweeping election bills failed, but Legislature revives two ideas as scaled-back programs.