ERIC Voter Roll Program

Text messages show what a spokesman denied: a link between the state’s decision and false allegations from a right-wing website.

A bill would have enabled the state to automatically update a voter’s registration after they changed their driver’s license address. To some, that sounded like automatic voter registration.

Officials encounter new obstacles and costs in trying to replace just some of the data they used to get from the Electronic Registration Information Center, unreleased records show.

Texas is the latest state, and one of the largest, to resign from the program.

Bill rooted in conspiracy theories about the multi-state program for cleaning voter rolls approved by the House and Senate.

The bill motivated by conspiracy theories about the voter-roll-checking program nearly died this week in the legislature. Now it’s back, and awaits an uncertain vote.

How politics and misinformation overshadow their stated reasons for leaving the voter roll coalition that helps prevent voter fraud.

It took years to build the multi-state system known as ERIC, which weeds out duplicate, deceased, and suspicious voter registrations. Texas Republicans want to dump it, but there’s no viable replacement.

States’ withdrawals from ERIC show how allegations of a tilted election playing field can still roil some voters. 

Election integrity activists’ unfounded claims undermining a program that helps state officials clean voter rolls.

ERIC is a national system that Texas officials say is an important tool to keep voting rolls clean. But a band of right-wing voter fraud activists, joined by state GOP officials, wants to gut it.

The left worries about voter purges. The right worries about secure elections. Clean voter rolls help them both. 

The Electronic Registration Information Center is trusted by most states as the most effective way to perform cross-state voter registration checks.

How the Electronic Registration Information Center helps achieve both secure elections and fair voting access.

When members withdraw from the program, here’s how it hurts themselves — and their neighbors.

Red states and blue states vouch for the program’s value in their voter-roll maintenance.

Secretary of state still won’t say what “concerns” led him to withdraw from ERIC.