Election Security

Some GOP election officials running campaigns thread the needle by saying their elections were free of fraud, but they won’t vouch for everyone else — leaving doubts to fester.
The report by Alex Halderman alleging vulnerabilities in Georgia’s election system is sealed as part of a long-running lawsuit.
In pursuit of one ambitious goal, Democrats have turned away from options that might actually help.
Potter County GOP chairman relents to pressure from officials after Votebeat reporting.
Why it’s fraught to pit states against one another when they have such different ways of running elections.
The media can’t rebuild trust in elections if government sources stay anonymous.
An unorthodox process at the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights, largely done in secret, led to the controversial bipartisan appointment.
A QAnon-supporting clerk in Michigan spread misinformation about a tabulator—then part of it went missing.
Christy McCormick’s history of controversy complicates her apparent involvement in Republicans’ audit messaging.
Elections Are In Crisis
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