Mail Voting

Nine in ten Arizona voters take advantage of the state’s no-excuse early voting and vote-by-mail system, now under threat by the same party that created it.
Counties couldn’t process mail ballots until Election Day, delaying discovery of a misprint on some Lancaster County ballots.
Whether the counties can report near-complete results on election night depends on how many mail-in ballots need to be counted — and when the counting starts.
Here’s why the new requirement for an ID number is causing hundreds of rejected applications.
Why it’s fraught to pit states against one another when they have such different ways of running elections.
There were a few problems with voting—but misinformation and fraud accusations weren’t among them.
Buried in the GOP proposal is a requirement that could—whether by intention or just sloppy legislative work—disenfranchise thousands of voters.
Why a pre-canvassing measure would make a world of difference in Pennsylvania.
Routine poll issues, some mail ballot snafus, and low turnout were all par for the course of a normal election.
Elections Are In Crisis
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