News about election administration, voting access, and redistricting in Texas.

The move is required by federal law because at least 5% of Dallas County Vietnamese-speaking citizens who are of voting age have limited English proficiency.
A mild new process for requesting reviews is paired with a spicy mandate that would be hard for the state to digest.
Out of options in Austin, House Democrats fly to D.C., where they plan to press Congress to pass federal legislation protecting ballot access.
Republicans cheered Greg Abbott’s pick of John Scott. Surprisingly, some Democrats did too.
They succeeded in holding up Republicans’ voting bill—for now.
State and county officials fear voter confusion, fraud risk, possible lawsuits.
The many circumstances that led the county to miss the state’s deadline for reporting election results.
Buried in the GOP proposal is a requirement that could—whether by intention or just sloppy legislative work—disenfranchise thousands of voters.
Here’s why the new requirement for an ID number is causing hundreds of rejected applications.