Voting Legislation

New pens, new envelopes, more vote centers, earlier counting, and more.
Bill passed with bipartisan support may lead to burdensome number of recounts, add to election costs, and delay final results, experts warn.
Why updating the rules for Congress’s election certification process is not a Democratic Party–only concern.
Neither Biden’s speech nor action by the Senate provide a clear pathway to passing the Democrats’ cherished bills.
In pursuit of one ambitious goal, Democrats have turned away from options that might actually help.
Past presidents have mobilized moments of crisis to achieve historic progress. We need that again.
A mild new process for requesting reviews is paired with a spicy mandate that would be hard for the state to digest.
Why the state’s election review is so different from the one Arizona just concluded.
If nothing changes in the Senate, the new push for federal election legislation will go just like that last one did.
Elections Are In Crisis
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